Here's a sneak peak of the new winter outwear offering from VOLCOM. Don't forget that all previous season's outerwear is at least 25% off!
For all dem hungry Am's out there, VOLCOM WILD IN THE PARK series is there chance to showcase
their blood sweat and tears in a FREE contest with a $500 top prize. This is what you worked for, go out and get it!

emerica presents Wild in the Streets on Saturday June 21 at 5 pm. Meeting at Ryerson Pond - Dundas Street East and Victoria Street. 
Over $1,000 in cash and product to give away!
For all you riders who can't take advantage of reading week, be sure to check out SnowCrown at Blue Mountain over March break. 

Volcom Stone Peanut Butter Rail Jam

Volcom Stone’s Peanut Butter and Rail Jam is Ontario largest rail jam and a staple event on the Ontario snowboard scene. Back at Blue Mountain for its 11th year, you can expect to see over 150 riders from across the province throw some smooth peanut-buttery tricks on a signature PBRJ set up. Full day event, location in Badlands Terrain Park. 

Just a friendly reminder, we all want to shred, but save the stupid stunts for the park, not the highway!
Looks like more snow in Collingwood... stop by HOGTOWN for last minute gear before a snowy winter break!
Show some love for our King West compadres and check out the King by King West festival starting on the 28th, and please try not to puke in front of the store so much!
The media prophets have fortold this hallowed event. The dreaded Saint Nick and his evil forces are descending upon Toronto tomorrow for a sick parade of force. As such, the Hogtown crew has decided to cower in our houses to wait out the storm, so we will be CLOSED ON SUNDAY, NOV 17th. Godspeed.
Check out the new Hogtown banner! As seen at the Toronto Snow Show.... Just a heads up, we still have plenty of discounted shred gear to outfit yourself for the 2014 winter! 

After a long, dusty, hot, sticky, sweaty, smelly, humid and often fun filled summer, Labour Day weekend is upon us. To commemorate labouring over hot skateboards for far too long, the Hogtown grunts are kicking off for Sunday & Monday (31st & 1st) of Labour day weekend. Locked door and pointless journey enthusiasts are welcome to show up those days though!

There is now Zero excuses not to get good at skating.
 Looking for a way to spend the dog days of summer? Why not join the Hogtown crew at RIOTFEST Aug 24th - 25th to rock with legends old and new. 
2-day passes are on sale now, starting at $35 a day in limited quantities
* Ticket link:
* Riot Fest Web site:
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And stay tuned for FREE TICKET GIVEAWAYS here at HOGTOWN.
HOGTOWN CLOSED Sunday and Monday for Canada Day Weekend.
New Shipments at HOGTOWN.. Nickel boards, Lush boards, Elephant boards, LOADED boards, Paris Trucks, Orangatang wheels, LOADED slidegloves and more! Come grab some new gear and and hit summer in style.
We promise, Summer is coming.... why not utilize the law of attraction and buy yourself a new Madrid Complete, here at HOGTOWN

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LandYachtz Re-stocked!

With summer fast approaching, its hard to keep our boards on the shelves. Luckily, a Landyachtz re-stock has come through. Come check out our new Battle axes, Wolfsharks, Tomahawks etc, and get stoked.



SUMMER 2012 


It may be a little cold today, but warmer temperatures are coming! Every day we get more and more sick summer swag like new longboards, skate decks and accesories!

Keep your eyes on our site for new products from Independent, Creature, Sector 9, LandYachtz and more. And for any of you lucky enough to squeeze in some late season shredding, all of our 2012 snowboards are now 20% off, and our 2012 Flow bindings are now 25% off!

Here's a little taste of what's to come, first sunburn wins!          



 Check out the new arrivals from these sick brands!


Never Summer

Assault, Swift, Tyrant, Decent, Heist, Revolt, NS wheel set, Drift wheels, Hustle wheels



Carbon Apex MW Complete, Carbon Apex 40 MW Rocker Concave Complete, Carbon Apex MW Double Concave, Freeride 41 RockerConcave Complete, Freeride 38 RockerConcave Complete, Hybrid 35, Malakai 40, Torpedo 40, Jay Alder Pintail 37-46, Carbon Apex 37, Carbon Apex 40, Freeride 38 Rocker Concave, Freeride 41 Rocker Concave, Original Trucks 150-250mm


Santa Cruz

The Homer, Bart Slasher, Pharoah, Slasher, Roskopp, Guadalupe, Picasso, AK-47, Screaming Hand, Bart Complete, Duff Can, Hibiscus Shark, Heads or Tails, Rasta


San Clemente

Drop Through Complete, Wheel Sets



Big Boy, Shredder



Demon Seed, Timeline, Babykiller TM/ DT, Vendetta, Hellcat, Nemesis